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The MuscleTech brand was founded on a progressive product research and development philosophy with a focus on scientific research and real-world results. Some MuscleTech products include HydroxyCut, Anator P70, Anabolic Hardcore Halo, Gakic Hardcore, Leukic Hardcore, Vitakic, supplements containing creatine monohydrate (such as Cell-Tech Hardcore, Creakic Hardcore) and protein supplements (Nitro-Tech Hardcore).The brand also encompasses nitric oxide supplements such as naNOx9 Hardcore, meal replacements such as Meso-Tech Hardcore, pre-workout supplements (such as naNO Vapor) and various "muscle stacks".

MuscleTech products have over 50 U.S. patents and partnerships with top-ranked universities across the globe, this industry-leading sports nutrition brand has been providing athletes and bodybuilders supplements that have been scientifically studied for over 15 years.

A placebo-controlled study was conducted at a physiology laboratory in Greenwhich on 32 individuals which were divided into 4 different groups. It was found out that the subjects who took the core ingredients Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series while in an extreme training program were able to build more muscle with those who are taking creating with juice after 7 days. After 28 days, subjects who used Cell-Tech Hardcore Pro Series were able to gain an average of 4.5 pounds of muscle while the subjects who used creatine with juice gained 1.5 pounds only.